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moonSunday already?!! I love Sundays, but imagine if every day was Sunday? That would be weird. Or would it? Is Sunday in the mind? If we acted our Sunday-selves every day, well there’d be love-night every night (*explanation needed for newbies, it’s not that kind of love or night… ), that would be plain weird, there’d be no sausage-Monday (*newbies – DOES include sausage, not a metaphor), and that would be criminal. No, we need a Monday just like we need a Sunday, if we didn’t have other days how would we know that Sunday is special? To really appreciate the Sunday you need to contrast it with the other days, fact. Anyway, whilst we’re all cosy…

Do not get too comfy no no no no and no, my Uncle Jack once made this error in Leather-World he got soooo comfy on a sofa in Leather-World that he fell asleep on it… woke up around midnight when of course he found to his worry that he was on his own, in a locked store, true story, I had to explain to the police that he didn’t break in or was homeless (Brut being the fashion of the time), the police were confused at how the staff didn’t spot him when closing up – now if you are still following this story, well done, it wasn’t until years later when I sat in an X-reg Astra and looked down did I realise old Uncle Jack’s clanger (not a metaphor) was that his checked trousers matched that sofa (hence he was a bit invisible (technically), similarly in this Astra the pattern of the chairs was the same as my checked trousers, again, if you are following this story, seriously why? there must be something better to do. Anyway, I think the big question here is how come no-one is wearing checked trousers any more? Good heavens, did I just write this or think it? Hard to tell.

Actually this anecdote was stolen from my good lady wife, I shouldn’t steal her thunder (metaphor, unless it is true what they say and she really is She-Ra Goddess of Mayhem & Chaos, and part time thunder-maker).

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