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MartinMy love of Sooty & friends far surpasses the normal relationship one has with their childhood toys, me and Sooty went places (in all meanings baby), he never judged, never complained, wherever we went he was as happy as Larry (Larry on the other hand (ahem) was ecstatic, but let’s not get into Larry, you couldn’t anyway, Larry wasn’t a glove puppet like the Sootster, he has a sock puppet, ah wait, so you could get into a sock puppet technically, jeesh, a sock puppet? do they even make them anymore, I am showing my age, the other day I happened to mention going into the Butchers (a shop, not the ex-family from Eastenders) when I was a kid, and then having to explain that people actually did get their meat from a Butchers and not from tescos-a-go-go, let’s not go go there, I mean, do go to tescos-a-go-go, I just meant let’s not go there girlfrrriend metaphorically speaking, I am not telling you where to shop of course, look ok, all I am going to say is that when I lived upnorf (near Preston is a village actually called ‘upnorf’) there is this thing called Morrisons, that’s a proper supermarket with proper err meat, wait, where was I, this is what happens when you write this on the morning train with the man next to me who has taken off his shoes and put them under the seat WHAT PLANET DO YOU COME FROM MISTER-TAKE-YOUR-SHOES-OFF FOR US ALL TO SMELL YOUR RANK PUTRID oh ….

Errrr, I think he was reading my screen, I will try and type quieter…….he’s gone back to reading the ooh-ahhh Daily Star, it’s a quality read I can’t deny it, seeing Page 3 over his shoulder – it’s like being back at the Butchers in the 80s (note to self, tell the psychiatrist that), these were simpler times, wait, I’ve gone wrong, it’s the man’s stupid feet sending me off course, god I hope I am on the right train, this don’t smell right. Ignore this paragraph. IGNORE IT, like Sooty ignores me when I try my hardest to break his concentration YOU CAN’T BREAK ME SOOTSTER & IF I WANT TO DISTRACT YOU… I’ve gone wrong again, I need to get OFFFFA THIS TRAIN. In a minute the loony from Ghost will hopefully come on and chase smelly-feet-man off GEERROFFFAAA MY TRAINNNNNNN

Sooty was the bestest friend ever, you could leave him in the car, leave him at your best fwends house, leave him in the rain in the garden, accidentally put him on the barbeque when Dad’s not looking to see what happens (true story), play catch with him, tie his head round your bedpost, and he would never complain, no matter whattt happened, where you went or what you did, he always had the same expression. That look. That lovely lovely look. Your know the one. It’s the one that says, ‘I know you love me, how could you not?’ It is the greatest look your childhood fave could have, it never changed, never let you down.

I love consistent-Sooty, I love knowing that no matter what happens Sooty (or you, what the hell), are always the best.


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