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rocketI am confused to report that I heard and like Susan Boyle’s version of ‘Perfect Day’. Like all great things, it doesn’t take long for them to come back round, Treasure Island, Great Expectations, Narnia, all new versions of these classics were on the telly over the last Winter season, and they were soooooo entertaining, who cares if they have slightly different endings that Dickens would neeeever have approved of, everyone loves a classic, and if you have to wait a while for them to come along, all the better, the antici…… pation makes things taste that much sweeter. That’s why we’re so flippiny dippiny jazzed about new Sooty.

Sooty has been re-made into a new series <stay with me here>, Sooty was actually my favourite programme when I was just a small Skate (or indeed just a Skate-ette), ok moving onnnn…), I loved my Sooty – and Sweep, and they went everywhere with me…. Until one  tragic tragic day when Sweep suddenly disappeared. I was devastated, I cried till I could cry no more, and my dear Mummy explained that Sweep wasn’t lost and that he actually went to space.


…and like all adoring children I naturally believed her, I actually believed Sweep went to space. Throughout my childhood we talked about Sweep in space a lot, how he got there (on a rocket), what he ate (moon-rock cakes), and who he missed (Matthew, Sooty, Soo, and me). Many moons (huh hmm) later, my kids now started to watch Sooty, the wife asked me if I had a Sooty when I was a kiddy, and I retold the story of Sweep going to space…. The bizarre thing here was this was the first time I realised (or had thought about it) that I realised Sweep did not reeallllly go to space (Mummmmm!). On my birthday morning in October last year the kids called me downstairs and said my present had arrived, they pointed out the back window overlooking the garden, my present was in the garden, it was a rocket (or a rather large box with a pointed top covered in foil anyway) , I went out into the garden in my jammies, opened the top of the rocket, and sure enough inside was Sweep, he had come home after all this time. YES, he REALLY REALLY went to space.

Since Sweep has returned everything has been incredible ever since, the stories he’s told, the happiness of Sooty (his best pal)….

I love a true story.

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