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elvis presley carIn the ’50s the biggest popular culture star the world had ever seen was a man called Elvis Presley, then, in the ’60s he starred in endless films and became the most famous figure since Dean, Brando, and Monroe…. Thennnn mid 60s loomed, tastes changed, and before you can shake your pelvis in a suggestive manner, the world had forgotten the King. He walked the streets, no one recognized him, no one asked for autographs (I can identify with this), he was finished, washed-up, a has-been, he entered an Elvis singing competition in a Memphis bar for a joke… and came third (he didn’t even look like himself anymore). Sooo, what did he do? This man that literally invented modern music, the man that was bigger than James Dean, a man who was idolized by the world and now discarded like yesterday’s papers, did he run away?, did he pale into obscurity and give up?, no sirrreee bobby, he did not.

He came back, he evolved.

Uh-huh HUH

He came back, BIGGER, stronger, sexier (yes, yes and YESSSS that’s right), he wore leathers, his voice – a gift to the world – was evennn better somehow, this was 1968, and everything that happened before was nothing compared to the GLOBALISATION of the King, now satellite-beamed across the world, he probably reached higher and further than any figure ever ever ever, he dreamed of a higher land where hope keeps shining on everyone, he did it, and he did it like it had never been done before.

Elvis back in the lull of the mid-60s lost focus, but he found it again, and shone so bright thereafter that his flame still burns like an everlasting Olympic torch TODAY, 36 years after his passing.

Elvis changed me, he’s still never ceased to inspire me, he came from nothing, and became everything, and still worked hard every day to get better and better and betterer – forget about wanting to be Prime Minister when I grew up, I wanted to the KING.

If you have a spare 3 mins today, please listen or watch this  http://bit.ly/1bXE7Go  (the louder the more the intense effect).


2 thoughts on “The History of Elvis (abridged version)…

  1. Interesting that you post this now. And then brought it to my attention, through a link on my timeline that just happened to point out your Elvis post. Being a fan, if you read a lot about the ongoing Elvis sage, you may know of my relationhip to the heretofore unacknowledged son of Elvis Presley. Or did you know this? I signed contract to collaborate as a “ghostwriter” for his memoir las year. Some are calling him a fraud but he has his daddy’s voice (better in my opinion). I’ve seen his birth certificate, DNA report, family artifacts etc. John: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjHIzOJVkTs
    This is a reporter’s article after he did some “research” on the net and didn’t see the proof.
    I’m mentioned about 3/4 the way down. The reporter got it wrong. I wasn’t “sacked.” We were equal collaborators…He can’t fire me. The article claims:
    “Despite having been sacked from the project, both Austin and Karen Albright Lin, the first ghostwriter Smith worked with, report having seen convincing proof that Smith is Elvis’ kid.”

    Wonder if that made your day.

    1. Martin Skate Martin Skate says:

      Holy Moly! that is astonishing, I didn’t know your connection with the King, happy coincidence, I have been a lifelong fan (as you will see in my book of short stories (when it finally comes out) there is an Elvis related tale there I hope you will like). Good luck with the book, I will definitely be buying it. And yes, made my day!

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