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how deep is your loveOhhhh Gary of the Barlows, watching Gary get cruelly disposed of by a cruel dominatrix-goth type woman cuts me up every time I see it (sometimes I only have to close my eyes and I see the image of fresh-baby-innoncent-faced Barlow about to meet his maker). I am (of course?!) referring to the video clip of Take That’s ‘How deep is your love’. But why Gary WHHHHYYYYY what did you do this poor woman that made her so mad so crazy so in love with you that she had to torture you (and your mates) before she literally couldn’t monkey the thought of anyone else being with you, and thus she threw you off a cliff thus depriving the world of the beauty of your art, this was how deep her love was, you were so beautiful it drove her to murder.

My wife often feels the same way as goth-woman, “Pleassse don’t go to work this morning Skatey” she screams, “I’ve made your favourite breakfast, the baked-beans just the way you like them (uncooked, rinsed of juice, and dipped in marmite), we can watch the whole series of Sooty end to end like we used to, please don’t go don’t goooooo” she screamed one morning in the street as I was walking off with my headphones on full volume pretending not to hear the crazy lady.

What is it that drives people literally to the extreme brink of infatuation? how deep are people’s love really? Well to answer this we can look back to 1977. The Bee-Gees were literally the most famous, popular, and successful that they’d ever been, and THEN their Saturday-Night-Fever album was released, this propelled them to be more famous than the film itself. The Gibbs said right, we need a song, we need a song that will change lives, a song so subtle but brutal, so simple but so very deep, a song that in 20 years from now will drive Goth ladies to kill the lead singer in the most famous boy band, that’s how powerful we need this song to be. Barry, I think it was, ripped his shirt half way down his chest revealing his hairy manly chest and medallion, grew his beard to farmer length, and said this is the look guys, show our chests, our medallion, our white teeth, style our chest hair into manly little tufts, sing high, sing this song I just wrote about how deep our love is, this song is so deep it will stop world wars, people will get married to this song and make babies to it (guilty).

How deep is your love? it is deep, it is clear, we really really care (we just don’t have to torture Gary Barlow to get our point across). We are deep characters too, we are sensitive magical creatures, we can make the world magical every day, sometimes we even do.

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    Wow, many thanks, Café Spike looks hilarious, thank you so much

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