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Rubber DuckyI was having a bubble-bath last night (who doesn’t?), well, actually that should be a bubble-adventure (according to the Mr Matey bottle, pirate edition of course AHHHARRR Meeeee prettiessss), and during this epic battle of bubble v man I suddenly had a yeahhh-moment (not a metaphor), Leona Lewis was playing on in the background, she kept keep keeping keep keeping keep bleeding in love, but she don’t care what they say her heart was crippled by the vein that keeps on closing, poor lamb, she’s no Bruno Mars, Bruno would be setting fire to things with fireworks and lobbing grenades at anyone that comes near him with so much as a spoon (a blunt spoon), he’d be in there like superman blowing away helicopters with his sneezes, aanyyyyway, the Eureka moment was a simple realization, I am different! Everyone is.

I always felt a bit ‘different’ when I was younger (I was musing); whether it was the way I could eat three Weetabix without milk, or the way I would quite happily sit through a wholllle mini-series of ‘Lace’ or ‘The Thorn Birds’ (these “mini-series” went on for daysss by the way, if you watched them consecutively you could send off and get a certificate for endurance), or the way I would happily & quietly sit in my bedroom and read the same batman comic twenty times over (each time cunningly reading it from the perspective of a different character, that’s what everyone else did right?).

Like old Bats I was never afraid to ‘be myself’ and I think it always steered me in the right direction (with the slight exception of going to see Prince more than 30 times, slightttly extreme, I also saw ‘Extreme’, more than wooooo-orrddssss, wow, that was a choon, that was the choon everyone who had an acoustic guitar tried to play, that and Hotel California, oof, I never liked that song (what was your favourite Eagles song then Martin, well, I liked Desperado now you ask, but then I listened to it too much and went right off it – same with listening to Jason Donavon – move away from the Jason album… move away ….. where was I?….)…


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