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EagleI was a sci-fi kid. Throw in a moon or some daleks, call a zone ‘twilight’, or chuck in Joanna Lumley in a blue dress with a telepathic bridge to the Invisible Man, and I was there. Everything that was sci-fi I would be into. Doctor Who (obviously) was the mainstay, the big one, the governor of sci fi, it had all the elements (not just Sapphire & Steel *that was a geek-joke* if you get the joke then ‘welcome’). Skipping (la la la) forward to adulthood I think back to the days of innocence and wonder if I was just another victim of fiendishly clever marketing. Exhibit #1 m’lud, was the relaunch of comic ‘Eagle’ back in 1982. I bought it, of course. Issue #1 I was there, it had a free sci-fi Frisbee, what’s not to like?

Eagle spoke my language and contained everything I could ever want in a magazine (ahem, I mean comic), the only bad thing about it was that you had to wait a week (a whole one) for the next issue, and so the reason for my buying the Eagle definitely wasn’t because a clever guy in marketing wanted me to, no no no and nay nay nay   Eagle was written, drawn, and packed full of great stuff with me in mind.

My favourite character/feature in the Eagle was a guy called Doomlord. Until I just googled him I could not remember a single thing about the narrative or anything. What I could recall however was that Doomlord was a photo-story of an alien in a skeleton-like rubber mask (think Dear Deidre but with aliens). What a laugh they must have had making that (note to self, make a photo-story). After some entertaining googling it turns out that Doomlord was some crazy warlord who tried to destroy mankind (yes yes I remember, oh what were their names?!) but, get the massive twist, he ends up being the Earth’s protector against other Doomlords – genius. Wow, it really did all come flooding back.

After my research on the new Eagle, I came across the cover of the number one issue. It was only then where I saw the true wonder that is, or was, the masterstroke of the marketers. Like I said, they know what they are doing! Bang on the front cover screamed the revelation:

INSIDE – Doctor Who: Peter Davison

That is clever. Now I am beginning to think, did I buy it because:

(a) I was into everything sci-fi and there was a green alien on a converted magic carpet (a bit Davros I probably thought) on the cover
(b) It was new, it was cool.
(c) Peter Davison was featured inside (and in 1982 Davison was practically a god).

It’s a tough one. However, wise old man that I am now (!), I know in my heart of sugar coated time lord hearts that I bought it because of (c), those marketing geniuses!! They could have put ‘Inside – Peter Davison’ on Woman’s weekly (they probably did) and I would have bought it.

So, thanks, thanks to crazy-ass actors for donning rubber masks and being photographed as Doomlord every week, I promise you guys that Doomlord may not be as big as Doctor Who thirty years on, but trust me from one person on the planet, it is as fondly remembered as the cricketer Doctor Who reincarnation. Thanks too to whoever put the Doc Who feature on the cover of the first Eagle, thanks to allll the marketing people (this includes Dove soap) for helping me cultivate my love for sci-fi however subliminal it may have been.


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