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remote controlLong before the age of mobile-phones in an office in the city of London I learnt many valuable life-lessons, one of the most valuable aside from learning that not all your shirts have to come from Marks and Spencers, was that you could photo-copy your entire face in many a comical pose. We’d spend a good part of the day photocopying ourselves, cutting them out and then mailing the results to the world. Ah such happy days where I nearly blinded myself on a regular basis. So many things are more fun in retrospect, the Wonder Woman tv series, feast ice lollies, desert island discs, tv in general, the A team, the Incredible Hulk, although the theme tune still stands as one of the greats, actually so does the theme tune to Wonder Woman… ba ba b aba bah-ba bahhhhhh wonder womannnnn, she’s a wonder wonder woman…. Genius, obviously not as good as the absolutely legendary Batman theme tune which surely will never be beaten, that is a theme tune, so funky, so badass (oh my choice of words used to be so littered with lexicon legends, this is what happens when I write at night-time, my brain my brain where art thou o’ brain?…. <go away, I’m trying to nap person housing me> ah righty ho.

Surely (don’t call me Shirley) theme tunes (brain engaged or no brain engaged) were just that bit more betterer back in the day, I wonder if John William’s awesome Superman theme tune is clear proof of this ‘typical aging-man’ theory. Williams somehow managed to capture the ‘up up and awayyyy’ into the theme tune, he embodied the grandeur, the stature, and everything else that ends in yerr, and whacked it all into one ba ba ba bahhh bahhhhhhhhhh Supe –per- man piece of majestic music, how did he do it? That theme tune wasn’t just for the Chris Reeves films (yeah Chris, I feel like I know him, I listened to the Desert Island Discs interview with him recently, it was from 1985 oh man, it was amazing, what a genuinely wonderful –ok- supppper guy, he really was, lovely, gentle, graceful, just how you would want your Superman to be offstage so to speak like ecetera ecetera, and wohhh don’t even go there with ‘Somewhere in time’ which as we all know is one of the greatest time travel romances there ever was. THAT’S A FILM! They don’t makes ‘em like that any more, ohhhhh, I love Somewhere in time. John Williamns though, wow, did this guy just endlessly produce a string of phenomenal pieces of music? Indy Jones, Star Wars, Jaws, Star Wars, Neighbours, the list is endless, what a legend, I am going to see if he’s on twitter and thank him right now #backinamo #amback #wherewasI #Ineedacoffee #pleasesomeonegetmeacoffee #no1isgettingmeacoffee #fine #dropthestoneesssducterrrjoneeesss #theywillsurvive #youwonttttttttttt

Anyway, sorry, was kidnapped, back now. The Supes theme tune. This is the proof we needed… It lived on past the Reeves movies, it came back with the rebooted Supes film in 2006, yesssss, what a stoke of genius, because that IS the Superman theme tune, not having it is like not having bacon with eggs, like ITV dramas without Martin Clunes, like Sherlock without a Watson, like my eyes that go heavy when I look at the screen for too long, like when I sneezed the other day and I pulled a muscle in my jaw, no wait, not my jaw, the place on the underside of your chin, what’s that called? In the Batman-Lego game on the Wii when Supes makes an appearance – yep you’ve guessed it – the John Williams them tune pipes up, ahhhh lovely, definitive proof that that IS the definitive definitely definitive Supeman theme choon (actually now that I think about it the same can be said of the Danny Elfman Batman theme tune, hmm, maybe a post for another time). Anyway, you get the gist (and if you don’t go get that gist, go get that gistttt, got the gist?), the Superman theme tune is inseparable to Superman (except of course in the recent reboot… and do not ask for my review on THAT, don’t, don’tttttt, I don’t wanna say anything bad today, not on this Monday, the Monday of Mondays, the mother of Mondays, the Monday that time should forget, dark dark back-to-work hang-onto-your-partner-life-wife-what else rhymes with ife? Fife – yes hold onto your Fife, it’s windy out there I tells ya arghhhhhhh there’s a storm a blowing, the Polar Vortex in the USA, wow, they’ve actually come up with a name that sounds more cold than just brrrrrrrrrrrr-it’s-well-cold-out-there-missus, Polar Vortex, it could be a Doctor Who episode, they’re geniuses whoever came up with this name. LOOOKOUTTTT DOCOTTORRRRRRR it’s the Polar Vortexxxxx, he’s going to destroy the universe, he’s gonnaaaaaaaaaaRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHhhh…..

I was out dog walking (that is walking the dog, not some new dance I had invented, although am sure there’s many a dog walk dance out there, doing it right now, probably, do the doggy walkkkk yeahhhh, got the gist, got the t-shirt, got the doggy walk dance downloaded? ummm, hello brain?), last week, it was raining, said doggy had a coat on, and we went pretty far deep out like into the woods, it was there that the apocalypse threatened to occur, my brolly destroyed itself, my scarf wrapped to the ultimate in scarfness, my hoody hood saving my noggin from serious weather beating, my coat was the only happy entity (it needed the wash), wow, this was no longer a walk in the park (ahem) it was a fight to stay alive, just me, doggy, and the elements. We made it of course, I put James Brown on shuffle and hunnhhh, get back, yeah, jump back unnnghhh, got to get back, jump on the back foot, we totally souled through that badass mofo of a storm. When I got home I suddenly thought that the only better playlist would have been the greatest hits of John Williams (now downloaded).

So, look, what have we learnt here really? Superman theme tune by John Williams is a bona fide classic,  before mobile phones there were photocopiers there served as makeshift selfie machines, and the Polar Vortex is threatening global domination, it’s only a matter of time before there’s a band called Polar Vortex, maybe we should form one now, who’s in? Peace out from a windy Londonnnnnnnn.

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