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planet fridayThe moist mist misted mostly across the mittens of mainly many monkeys mittens on the inexplicably maroon London street. People were peopling; either on their way hurriedly to work or feverishly trying to get home from the night before, a dog walks his man and tries to be discreet. Prince whistled ‘joy in repetition’ repeatedly.

“We ever gon get out of here k9 man?”

“Define here master.” Reported his faithful purpletastic robot dog.

“Here K’ers, this surreal ethereal herewith all of this unreal existence we ‘re locked into.”

“Suggest master eats this master.”

“What is it?”

“Jelly and ice cream master, with sprinkles, I have scanned your alpha waves extensively, it is the thing you most want right now according to my data banks.

“Do it dusty bin.”

“Affirmative master.”

Jelly and ice cream issued from k9s rear readout unit and sashayed it’s way into a bowl suspended in mid air accompanied by a spoon and napkin.

“Man that’s good.”

“Please refrain from calling me ‘man’ master, inadequate description, and yes it is good it is built directly to suit your taste buds, what would you like to drink master?”

“What day is it?” Asked prince teasingly.

Inwardly k9 sighed, the master was particularly trying today, he longed for lady Romana to return.

“Friday master, it is always Friday on planet Friday, one day we shall return to our time and space, but now alas, we are trapped here in planet Friday, I’ll make it gin then.”

Prince knew, eternity had it cruel challenges, and he loved bickering with his synthetic intelligence friend.

“Dance for me k9, dance.”

K9 danced for his master dutifully, prince also danced, and thus another Friday began.

“This one I will call the Friday K’ers.”

“Yes master,” said K9 whilst internally he read an entire planets library of poems by people solely called Roger. It really was going to be another one of those Fridays.

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