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patternNow look here (where? here) look, I may be serious for a moment, I may, I mean I might can I may I, maybe, may be, I think, wait, let me check and put more commas in,,,,,,,, yes, it’s happening, seriousnesssssss is a coming, don’t try and fight it mannnnn FIGHT ITTT DOCTORRRRRRR I can’ttttt YOU CANNNN, ok. Breathe breathe, deep blue sea deep blue sea. Let’s start at the beginning, it’s a cracking place to start. I’ve got this friend you see, she, he, they’ve got this thing right that makes them want to give so much, they want to love so much, but, let’s call her Jim, Jimothy, Jim Jimminy Chim Chim cherooooo, he’s a chimey sweep cor blimey, just like his mates Sooty & Sweep (and Soo although being a panda technically Soo is not in the chimney trade, and that’s not being metaphoric like, she’s a panda, so what with the chimney dust, wait where ams I goings with this? nowhere that’s where (where?). Ahhhhhhhhhh balls I broke the zip on my jeans (true story) (ok, not that true, it happened yesterday, no-one noticed, I kept thinking someone will say to me “Your Skateness, your fly’s (flies? flyyyy away high so high so high you almost touched the sky thank you thank you thank gadddddd for you, the wind beneath maaaaaa ahh ahhhhhh hhwings), your zip’s undone, and then I could say well why’s you looking there anyway, but no-one looked, so no-one said, then I realised I had elbow patches on my jumper, elbow patches in 2015? In May, may I? Can I? It was like a dream where you’re naked or your teeth itch, or you’re down in a cold cold well with Justin Nozuka and you can’t get outttttt (now THAT’s an obscure reference, anyone that gets that, well we’re soul kindred spirits, we should go bowling, or ginning, or bowlginning, and get Nozuka to bazuka his way on down with us maybe (can he?) with his uncle Scott Bakula…. look it is 7am what do you want exactly? A Sonnet? you want a sonnet? Do you, oh you do.

Let’s move on.
Cos it’s time to groove on.

Nothing to see there anyway (where?). My heart has been bursting thirsting this week, like a Sleen Dion song on 78rpm (grrr you’re like a broken record… what’s a record?), it’s been dancing basking romancing (like the Chris de Burgh romancing… looking for a liddle romance… given haaa aahh aahhhfffff the chance), there is SO MUCH LOVE around, if the beatles song was updated it would be called ‘All you need is emoticons la la la la la laaaa all you need is emoticons emoticons, emoticons is all you need.’ Choon.

This is the serious bit….. (spoiler alert warning thing, so that you don’t get confused and think you’ve just stepped into a different post about err Supergirl or something, although no messing, that is the reason for livinggggggggggg ohmygodI’venotbeenthisexcitedsinceChrisEcclescakereturnedasDoccyWhoin2005) I know what you thinking (and yes, ohhhh ho hoooo yes). If this was a film, they’d be a piano note here, a D major from major to minorrrrrrrrr everytime we say supergirlllllllll.

Seriously (no, seriously, no) this is the bit…. I did a good deed today, but I went too far (too far for my spats… ok, THAT trumps the Nozuka reference of obscure obscure, so obscure it’s obscurelete in fact, totally irrelevant, not obscure, obrelevent, obvious really. I channelled my cool cat err cat earlier during this serious thing, but I went too far, Colin arghhhhh Colin. Moving on moving on, I went too far (too far too far) iko iko iko your grandma said to my grandma iko iko hey now hey now iko iko iko. Oops (upside your head) I went a bit off track there I dids. Sorry, soz, socks on fire I won’t do it again. What I am trying to say (and failing falling down in a cold cold well and I cannot climbbbbbbbbbbb ….. out) is that I went too far but am glad. Be passionate (I said, but jeez it’s only coffee, it’s only a new bean they’re trying to market, trying to introduce, trying to say hey this bean’s wayyyyyy better than the bean you’ve been used to, go on try it TRYYYY IT, and yunno what, I tried it, I think I am still hyper from it the next morning (now, now what? just now, just now what? shut up).

So, springer fans what have we learnt here (where?), I think we all know what. It is Friday, and this means turn it up into the fulllll spectrum of you, you’re already sextastically vibrant, you’re firing on so many cylinders it’s hard to put into a bracket (I did it) it’s hard to say why exactly (why exactly) and if you’ve come this far (Red) maybe it’s time to go a little further. Come with me on journey (like x factor, like the mightiest of booshes, like the little boat in the night garden my iggly friend), it is time


the world needs it, it needs you, you’re totally dynamiteeeyyyyyyyyyy i love you, you love you, it is time 4 u 2 do the do (and beddy too).

Loving your work, always, this has been a marty political broadcast, no monkeys (ok one) were harmed in the making of this massage, day or night or dight you do it, this has been brought to you by the letters B and U (always). Peace in. Do it realllll good. Yessssssssssssss

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