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discoballFridayyyyy Fridayyyyy with wine is fine, with beer veneer, with gin a grin, with vodka a bodgka, and with whiskey a little frisky n’est pas? Ahhhh they don’t make ‘em like this any more, one time a day a Friday was served with a little tickle, owsyerfather, and a cherry bakewell pie, now it’s all iphones and choosing categories of your favourite err dish, OMG my wine glass is empty (not a meta4, nor is it when I say I need a special shower in the evening, it’s all very confusing).

And now, some music.

Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba-ba-ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba aaaaaaaa ahhhh. Top tune that Pearl & Dean, it wasn’t a movie unless that was on first, that was back in the day when drinks were small medium or large, popcorn was popcorn, Bond was Bond, and the only superheroes came with massive smiles (possible euphemism, hard to tell for sure, although I have it on good authority that Chris Reeves did and had a massive dry sherry afterwards).

Turning to the weather, it’s the summer, summerrrrrrrr SUMMMMERRRRR it’s already swimming pools, Seinfeld boxsets, and vats of wine so large I can barely type through the vinovision. Vino vino vino as they say, who knows what it means, all I know for sure is that it is grapegasmic, ahhhhh well it’s like a fine err wine.

Am not making any sense this morning but that’s because ahhhhhhhaaaaa AHHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHHA I am writing this on Thursday night YES it is not really FRIDAY but it will be when I post this, this must be what it is like on Mars (the chocolate bar, not the planet… which reminds me (NEWSFLASH) I’ve gone back to preferring the old 4-finger KitKat to the chunky, yep, it was bound to happen.

So, you know what to do, build a canoe, dance like Eryjkah Badu, pretend you’re a new kind of shoe, bang on your mamoo, for it IS FRIDAY for real (no matter if technically it is Thursday) BOODOOOBAMOOOOOOO Friday, so tell that someone thatyerlove just who you’re thinking offffffffffff cos tomorrow never co oooo oommesssssss (except that it has, it’s 100% Friday fo’sho’ness). Peace in. oH YeAh, have the best one ur friggin sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Friday.

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