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moonLike lightning from the electrified sky bzzzangggg it’s Friday, and what a Friday, it’s a strawberry dacquiri zip zagging tails-a-wagging by jimminy bubble-bath kind of Friday, I knew it would be, I put on special socks, special pants, special sockpants, and some say even my bants are made of the finest lexicographical cottongram this side of the Thames, who says? They do.

How do you write the onomatopoeia sounds of lightening? I always thought it was spelt lightening but the spellcheckeroo is saying lightning, hmm, suspect. Karrrrrrrkkeeeerrwasssozxcqqzzzz seeeeewhooooooo that’s lightning balakakskakakakakakkaaaaa that’s another, can you tell I’ve got nothing this morning? I mean, I’ve got the love youuuuuuu’vegotttthelooovvvveeeee I’ve got that feeling wooohooo, but in terms of random banteroonies it’s all coming out like lightning kabooms, wait, it’s thunder that makes the noises, see what I mean? Not very enlightening I know, ah wait enlighteninggggggg is spelt like that, but lightning the sudden electrostatic discharge during an electrical storm between electrically charged regions of a cloud, well that’s another fish(ening) entirely…. right right right.

I was on the trampoline the other day having a good ol’ lie down as you do, when looking up at the clouds I remembered that I used to think that the edges of the clouds were much like the edges of countries on a world map, especially the cold ones, you know Greenland, Scandinavia, that kind of thing, then I further remembered when I used to look up at the moon that I used to think that the craters on the moon’s face has something to do with the map of the world, hmmm, all very suspect, the edges of the moon surface, the clouds, and countries, all the same Hmmmm HMMMMM don’t you see peeps, don’t you see what this means? Edges. See at first they’re just edges sure, but then when you piece the puzzle together and you see that all these edges are basically the same thing, c’mon c’mon, there’s something afootamiss here surely (don’t call me Shirley). I mean look at it, take your average cumulonimbus cloud, take your average Scandic fiord, and then take any outline surface of the moon, right? They’re all the same. I know I know, no need to thank me. There’s more earth shattering breakthroughs even more breakthroughish to come very soon.

Exhausting I know, breathe innnnnn ahhhhhhhh the clouds, lovely lovely fluffy clouds, cumulonimbus, wow, what a word, what a worldddddd I need to get some new shirts with clouds on them pronto. I know what you’re thinking (naughty), you’re thinking (after that) clouds smlouds, don’t be like that ok? Without those cumulumo beauts and all the other wispy bispy fluffy edges, it would all be right angles, isoceles, sharp rigid moves, wow, it would all be so clangy bangy, but that’s a yarn for another barn clearly. For now.

It is time to Friday.

You know what to do, put on any clothing you have with clouds, anything, if it’s all plain then simply draw some on, it’s easy, I just covered half my yellow trousers in fluffy clouds, YESSSSSSS. Be your Friday best peeps, it’s what you are here for. Peace In. Happy Fridayyyyyyy.

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