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headiesIf you prefix any word with be- it becomes wayyyy better bedazzled befrazzled bedevilled don’t stop be-lievvvvving hold ontothaaaaa feee leeeeyyyy eeeee enggggggg, be be be because ahhhhhhhh love you (can’t (be)remember the rest of the words to that Glen Medeiros song (be)alas, probably a good thing too, it’s the kind of song that sounds like it’s a ‘Yessss I loved that song I am going to download it right now because I am sure it is still totes awesome’ except that when you download it, it is utter utter pants on toast with the odour of wheatgrass that’s been left out for the week. Poor Glen, that’s not even the beworst of it for Medieros, I recall when the song came out and went to number one the goss was that ‘he wasn’t a real pop star’ because he won a singing competition off a telly programme and the prize was to record that song… not a proper pop star! Imagine! Oh the hilarity of it all, but the be-injustice of it too, as now you can’t walk five yards (what’s a yard?) without bumping into a pop star that became one because of a telly programme, why only yesterday I bumped into both Will Young and Wagneerrrrrrrrrrrrr, they were playing hopscotch in the park and Wagnerrrrrrrrrr was clearly and visibly cheating; “In your face Willllll,” he was jeering at Young, Young just took it, but then when Wagnnerrrrrrrr wasn’t looking shoved him over and he fell flat on this beface, bewildered, wait, be-bewildered? Bewildered Wagnnerrrrrr ran off crying saying something about that’s just what Louis would do.

It bemused be to beponder that we thought a lot of betomfoolery betwaddle when we were little people. I thought if you did a lot of star jumps you could actually reach stars in time, much later though, like the whole Medeiros Malarky, I remember completely befuddled in thinking that the girl in make-up on the front cover of the 7” (not a typo) of ‘Wake me up before you go go” was actually Andrew Ridgeley, I stared at that cover for hours trying to make sense of it all, this bedbuffoonery was also coupled with the tale that the video to ‘Wake me up’ was filmed in George Michael’s living room. Now. I recall thinking deep on this little conundrum too, could it be? Did he have a large lounge, it wasn’t completely crazy, I looked at my lounge, I guessed if you moved the furniture out, put in a stage, a dual mosh pit, light system, PA system, and filming unit, yep, it could happen. I never found out if either Wham myth was true… However, side-note…. much later in life I befriended someone who knew Andrew Ridgeley’s mum, she said that she’d always go round there and ol’ ma Ridgers would always make the fans a cuppa and give them a momento of Andrew, maybe some old socks or a copy of Smash Hits, I never asked her to ask about the size of George’s lounge but I did find out that just like me the Wham boys loved Um bongo, so that’s besomething.

Loved Wham, I still do, not so much ‘Wake me up’ any more, but loads of others, I am not even sure what ‘Wake me up’ even is, where I’d put it on my spotify playlists, don’t get me bewrong, I LOVE WHAM, it’s just some songs they change, or we change, a song can change even though it stays the same technically, let’s leave it there today Wham fans, I feel that the whole song changing thing is like the last thought on a Jerry Springer (except without the painful colour mosaiccy type weird backdrop that was the background of Jerry’s summations, strange choice that I always thought).

It’s Friday, you know what to do, make it count, make it big (eh wink wink wham fans), beFantastic (more winking, what? I said winking), and let’s totally live in the metaphorical club of tropicana, fun annnnn sunshine there’s enuffff for evrrreeee one. Friday love, peace in.

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