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cat tunnelFa fa fa frideeeeee wheeeeeeeeee whushhhhhhhh shush do a triple axle spin, top it up with gin grin, the thing is that it’s been a long week, some chops came along put a community wide mind spell on us, hexed us like totally wotally with baked beans on top, they added two extra days, they crow bar jemmied jellied and wellied them in and then didn’t think we’d notice, well we noticed mate.

Bit like the time when they hypnotised the world so that none of us knew that we’d all had cabbages sown onto our feet, or when the stars twinkled so bright we all hallucinated for weeks that we were all happy squirrels squirrelling our nuts away.

Magic occurred this week, a sweet moment, a flash of dazzlability, it wasn’t the dancing on the bar (reAlly happened, not a cliche, well ok a cliche per se, I love the word cliche its one of those bouncy shmouncy graceful words that sounds sooooo great mate) it wasn’t the music (though awesome prince-time classics were there in all their sexy glory) it wasn’t the people, actuAlly it was the people, but that’s not the point I am failing to bake I mean make shake shake shake the roommmmmmmm lemme hear you go booommmmmm cos were livin in a world of brooms sweeping us downnnn and they all should lettuce beeeeee

The magic moment, we were in a tunnel, just strollin not rickrolling along when there was a picture of a cat graffitied on the tunnel wall, it winked at me, the cat picture not the tunnel (Duhhh how could a tunnel wink at you? Wait don’t answer that), now look, I didn’t wake up crazy crazy crazy if you like it you shoulda puddda crazy on it (top choon Nate), the thing is I know this happened (1) wait I meant to put the (1) further back, whsddaya mean you can edit things, I aints got the time pow pow pow that’s how we bowl, roll, cajole, thing is that (2) I’ve seen this happen to me (so technically I couldn’t have seen it) but feel we’re moving away from the main rub here (rub here, did you do it? Anything happen? A genie’s meant to appear and give you chocolate animals, if this didn’t happen it could be you’ve been hypnotised not to notice genies) wait…… …… Tumbleweed….. Still wait though…… (2) the same (2) don’t worry it’s not déjà vu (cue typical déjà vu gag) (2) the same as (2) above worry, actually maybe worry, it’s gotten to that point right? The scratch in the record, the move of the groove the hoof if the roof the truth maybe, but maybe not

(2) yes the paragraph break helped here. )2( this happened to me once before, I was 4 (not to be confused with (4) that’s coming up, can you just chill for (1) minute, goody. When I was (4) I saw a cartoon figure appeAr on my wallpaper it smiled at me then disappeared, this really happened, and now many years later (many) it’s happening again with the cat picture in the tunnel (mannnnnnnn we gots there! Phew). The cat in the picture winked at me, it all happened so fast I didn’t even tell anyone about it when it happeneddddddddddd i thought I’d tell peeps at the bar, but then the drinking the dancing (on the bar not a cliche but maybe a cliche, not a cliche round my way any way which way?). Whiskers (for this is what I named the kitteny witteny) winked at me, and this wasn’t weird at all, it was magical, it really happened and you can’t say it didn’t, I didn’t tell anyone in the end it was simply my spesh moment that I take as a sign, a sign that says simply happy Friday (though technically it was Thursday). It wasn’t a trick of the light, an optical illusion, I checked it out forensicly on the way back (well, I would’ve have done, actually I’ve little recollection of the way back I think I studied it but who cAn say for sure or dare to preen.

Crikey, exhausting! And (3) actually there was no three, well maybe there was but cmon! It’s early, too early for this batdance anyway, listen, you are awesome you’re the best I’ve ever seen you, you’re totally in the zone yours on fire you’re shining like a totally massive and super sexy shiny thing, that’s all I gots for today peeps, you’re amazing snd I thank you, be the best you can be if only just for a tiny magic moment, do it jingle jangly too (I find it the best way), coffee I neeeeeeeed coffee, loves u, peace in.

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