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Honey BeeWait, hold up, woooahsey wooooahsey, is it?
Could it be?
It is Friday, I just had to check, and check it I have it’s Friday and you can’t say it ain’t (try it you cannot, and I should know I’ve eaten a pineapple whole, the whole enchilada, the full cheese with the wax, the entire monkey including the key, I’ve listened to the entire backlog of the Beach boys in one sitting, well it is more of a sunbathe, but I dids it, boy did I, it was fun fun fun till daddy took the CD Walkman player away (wait what’s a CD?). Then you called and made things newwwwwwwwwww, sorry ,not sure where that came from (apart from Extreme’s ‘More than Words’ now THAT’s a song that the shuffle loves, I mean it can choo choo choose any song from any genre anywhere anythere, but instead it thinks cossss Iiiiiii’d alreedddd dddddyyyyyyy knowwwwwwww, 100 times a day, bloody shuffle. SHUFFLE THIS mister shuffle, music genome my pineapply gnome.

So look, I’ll level with you (why not, you seem nice and friendly, you look like you’d share a mango tapas with me, maybe a little mini-burger, patatas bravas, those amazing fried green pepper things, mmmmmm I lurrrrrrve the green fried pepper things more than annnnnnnn woooooorrrddddddsss orrrrrddddss orrdddssss (acoustic guitar strum, wordsssssss. Maybe shuffle is onto something, maybe it knows me, maybe it thinks hmmm if I just put that song on again all day every day, maybe that song will come back, maybe Bruno (of Mars) will cover it, bring it back, maybe that’s what it does, maybe there’s a minion in the phone laughing at me, his headphones on cueing (wait queuing up? Hmm, now that’s a confusing one) spinning the decks, will it be Queen, Stevie, Bruno, Princey, no… why not the one-hit-wonder Extreme, they wont be expecting that.

I bought Extreme’s More than words back in the day on CD single (a what?). It had a sticker on it declaring it as the #1 hit in the USA (don’t worry (or worry) this isn’t another rant similar to the whole Prince picture disc episode, sheesh don’t even remind me. This is more a distraction about the real rub nub dubber a dub dub, I think you know what I am talking about, yes, the bees, isn’t time to do something about the bees, beecause (cue or queue a billion bee-puns up, beecause beecause beecause the wonnnnerful wizard of ozzzzzzzz

I have a friend who’s a graffiti artist, last night we went to see one of her works behind some bins in the back alley of random street in the cosmodelica city. It was full-on affair of rainbows, swirls, puppy dogs, a dragon, quite a big dragon, in fact on closer inspection it was a massive dragon, with all kinds of randomness dragonning off the sides of it, and then just wonderfully, just off to the right quite a bit away from the main dragonfest, was a tiny (in comparison to the probably to-scale-dragon) tiny bee, it had one of those . . . trails behind it, but it wasn’t just a painting of a bee, there was an actual bee a real live one ON the bee, bee-autiful. You know me (well, even if you don’t I think you get the picture that I may be a kind of slightly jumpy up and down type character). Imagine it, there we were the cool kids, in a cool dark alley, trying to be cool, not draw attention, maybbbbeeeeeee it was around 4am (maybee, hey, who’s side are you on?) anyway that’s beeside the point. I was like ‘there’s a bee there’s a bee on the bee in the picture’ maybee I couldn’t articulate the thing, but everyone was like ‘yes Martin there’s a bee’ but they didn’t see that there was an actual bee on the picture of the bee, grrr, those fools, if only they could see the bee that was on the bee, these things are like meeting Tom Baker, they don’t come around often if at all, I took out my phone but it was too late, Mr bee buzzed off to go and find he’s slowly decreasing populous, pfffff. A busker in the next street started singing ‘Ain’t no sunshine’ (at 4am?, this was cosmodelica, although ok it was Madrid if you’re forcing me for the detail, god you’re pushy today, did you wake up like this did you DID YOU?). As we walked off to the Plaza Mayor I heard someone say ‘there’s a bee, look’ but it was too late, yeah there’s a bee amigo, gerrrrover it, have you not seen a bee before, unbeelievable.

So here we are. The next morning I foolishly attempted to have an intellectual discussion on dwindling bee numbers and the beefuddled dilemma of a life without bees, but no-one there wasn’t a lot of take-up, not even when the honey came out, ‘there won’t bee any more honey if…’ shut up I told myself, if they weren’t interested in the miracle of the bee on bee last night then they certainly weren’t up for the actual be problema. Fair enough, I mean, there were a lot of milky cocktails, wrong moment, I sipped my tiny coffee and put the old headphones in and listened to flight of the bumble bee (well I mean, not really, but maybe I would have done had it been on my Spotify, obviously Extreme’s More than words came on and eeeeeverything was back to boring normal, oof. Hell would be trapped on a desert island with just that song and the guys actually from Extreme and their acoustic guitars, joderrrrr.

Hmm, maybe that was a bit of a weird one, everything’ back to normal again, London is sunny, my coffee was a decent size just now, the train has the usual troops on with their usual expressions, my Spotify is on, just deleted More than words although it is possible I will add it again in the future (or when Bruno finally wakes up and covers it (hurry up Mars man, what you playing at?).

I’ve seen beauty this week in the form of pineapples, sunsets, and shelves in the shape of birds, I’ve seen heights (well, I mean, 10 floors up, it was high-ish), I’ve highed the highs, sailed through choppy choppy waters, connected affected and genuflected, it’s brought me here, with a warmth in my heart, a bounce in my step (one of my legs is shorter than the other), seen the bee miracle, appreciated art, and now, h oho hoooooo ahhhhhhh ooohhhh you know you know you know hey hey one day is today IT IS TODAY. It is a power-Friday, hear me out (hear me out) no goodbyes (no goodbyes) just hellos (just hellos) IT IS THE FRIDAY of FRIDAYS the king of kings, I haven’t quite worked out the special little thing am gonna do today, but I will (as you know) sprinkle a little special something somewhere somehere.

Have a great one, maybe that is an order, you know it’s right. Positivity is the answer to everything, it is no mystery, reach that bee high beeautiful peeps. Have a best Friday, dancing optional (am cream crackered), gin up, peace in.

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