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Bee-there or bee somewhere else

Wait, hold up, woooahsey wooooahsey, is it? Could it be? yee-essssss. YES Y E S It is Friday, I just had to check, and check it I have it’s Friday and you can’t say it ain’t (try it you cannot, and I should know I’ve eaten a pineapple...
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Dog-walking adventures (Part 1 of millions)

Dog walking is a pretty adventurous past-time, trust me non-dog-people it is. A whole multitude of things can occur whilst out walking our furry friends, especially if you go walking, no wait, hiking, yes hiking sounds more apt, walking? Ha anyoneeeee can walk, hiking, that’s serious, I’ve got...
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London is, well, big, it’s well big

London’s a pretty big place. We have a map of the world in our bathroom (I would highly recommend this (and I don’t mean getting any old map or indeed a bathroom, I mean putting a map in your bathroom), particularly if you’re a man and like ours it is...
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